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Looks Heavy

Not the usual cab for this, but the new cab isn't ready yet...


Did You Know…..? Tonkin Replicas’ TON Brand (1:87 scale)


 TON (rhymes with stone) is often referred to as “little trucks that make a big impression”.  These affordable truck models are extracting in detail at 1:87 scale. TON Brand began in 1974, originally designed for mass market giveaways, these scale model trucks have ample imprint areas and a memorable end-user presence all wrapped up in style.  Why TON trucks?  The 1:87 scale is compact, convenient. Today Tonkin Replicas’ TON brand is a big hit with the serious collector. 


Nice Western Star 4900Ex at the MidAmerica 2012 truck show.  Western Star had a heavily detailed booth with tons of small "points of discovery" inside a theatre based booth.  Of course the highlight had to be the 1:53 Western Star 4700 (aka Zodiac) from Tonkin Replicas... 

Marketplace Active

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Matt Ward Day?

One thing we learned at Tonkin Replicas is people are into different things.  Everyone has their own... deal.  Officially it isn't really Matt Ward day, but you'd think so with all these Freightliner fairings getting prototyped.  No one gets more excited then him for new fairings, especially when it comes to Freightliner.  So to honor the day, check out this new Midroof XT fairing and have a happy MW day!  

New Fairing?

After the wild success of the "FreightlinerGuy" style of Freightliner Cascadia fairing, we thought we might follow up with a new older style of fairing that can fit a variety of cabs (including the W900 shown) before we received 10,000 e-mails requesting it.   So now that we made the prototype we'd like to know what we should do with it.   Comments?  


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