775 and 988K from Baggermodelle Nummer 2 -2014 Issue


In the Editorial note that starts each issue of Baggermodelle, Germany’s premiere bi- monthly (6 issues per year) magazine devoted to modeling, the Editor writes that this issue features the most coveted models in the recent “ Baumaschinen Modellautohersteeern”.   Tonkin Replicas is proud to show that we have a prominent ad in this dedicated modeling magazine.  In fact in a recent chat with the Editor, he told Tonkin Replicas that the 775 and 988k were among his favorite: Although he hadn't had the opportunity to review the 775G for this issue, he did see it at the Toyfair and said the removeable back tire is a new and very nice feature. 

As  editior Daniel Wietisbach, points out in this opening paragraph from Baggermodelle Nummer 2 -2014,  the Tonkin Replicas' Construction Line sent this sweet 972K in 1/87 scale to the last Baumaschien Modellautohersteeern.  And it was very well received indeed... showing Tonkin Replicas' growing World-wide reputation for quaility and faithfulness to 1/1 Cat Heavy Duty Equipment. 

Indeed, Tonkin's 1/87 scale 972K perfectly matches the 1/1 972K  in all details.