775 G Off Highway Truck: Setting New Industry Standards

Setting industry standards describes the new G Series Off Highway Truck.  Begin with mirrors that  include heated and concave options on the working G series truck. Notice that our new prototype of the 775G Off Highway Truck displays the hinged window that serves as an emergency egress out the right side for the  drivers safety. This innovative feature on our Tonkin Replicas truck demonstrates the way in which our current engineering design set new diecast industry standards as the working innovations enhance the operator experience in the new working 775G series.  Also look at the solid, stable walking/working platform and handrails on our new 775 G series and the way in which this feature mirrors the working platform of the 775G.  The working 775G series has three body options to choose from a Dual Slope, a Flat Floor and a Quarry body.  See the bolted joints and large rear axle on our new 775G and how this feature replicates the original working 775G Off Highway truck. Just one more example of how our engineering design and precise tooling puts Tonkin Replicas at the head of the class in diecast model trucks.