Announcing Best of Class Picks for 2011

 Tonkin Replicas wanted to highlight some of our trucks as best in show for  2011 so we asked three longstanding fans  -Mark Kulak, Roshanna Black and Gary Morton -- what they think are the best Tonkin Replica Model Trucks for 2011. It probably comes as no surprise to all those that know Mark Kulak, that he had a lot to say about his favorite Tonkin Replicas TON scale is.  Mark chose the” Heli Gas Tanker” because as he put it “the chrome finish is spotless, looks just like one you would see rolling down the road in sunny California.  Right down to the small details like the HELI name plates on the side of the fender it is there. “Two other best in show 1:87 scale models, according to Mark, are “the St. Germain W900L Kenworth “ and “ out of the newer releases the Kooy Truck” .  Mark likes the St. Germain because “of the [truck’s] colors.”While Mark is definitely a 1:87 scale guy, he also picked the new “Western Auto Haulers” in our PEM line. What he really likes about this 1:64 scale model is the “chrome on the trailers along with the blue of western.”   It’s the “graphics” of this line that makes it stand out.  The grapics “are sharp and they JUST LOOK AWESOME.”Roshanna Black picks include every one of our series that are “coming out with new trailers.”  Roshanna likes our model trucks so much that he really can’t pick just one best of class for 2011. Gary Morton, who along with being a fan of Tonkin Replicas Models also knows how to take beautiful photographs of trucks, chose the “Heil Tanker” as his 1:87 scale winner. Gary is a big fan of the “colorful logos” also.  For his PEM scale selection Gary picked Western Distribution’s W-900 Kenworth Auto Transport Trailer. For Gary “Western Distribution [has] always [been] a favorite of mine.  The colorful logos are great!”  In terms of what is best in the 1:53rd scale,   he selected the “Hyundai Super Rack / Cascadia Daycab” because of the “unique” quality that “you don’t see every day.”