BAE regional Jet article

The BAE-146 was first conceived to answer many of the world’s airlines needs for a short to medium-range aircraft that could operate quietly into densely populated areas.

First delivered in 1994, the BAE-146 has been a workhorse of many regional airlines. Despite being discontinued by BAE the BAE 146/RJ-85 remains a popular aircraft and can be found in service in many parts of the globe. Distinctive turbofan jets mounted roughly parallel with the fuselage (instead of below it like many commercial aircraft) make the BAE regional jet easy to recognize.

Gemini’s highly detailed model features die-cast metal body, wings, and engines, rolling rubber tires, and very fine tampo printing all packed onto what is a 2.81 inches long replica- yielding a jewelry-like quality. Gemini Jets, a leader in die-cast airplane manufacturing, offers a wide range of 1:400 scale BAE models in different airline liveries. New decorations will be coming soon!