Cat 340D L Hydraulic Excavator in 1/50 Scale

Tonkin Replicas newest custom scale model in our Construction Line: Cat  340D L Hydraulic Excavator in 1/50 Scale displays all the advantages of the 1/1 Cat  340D L Hydraulic Excavator. 

 The 1/1 Cat  340D L Hydraulic Excavator has the Heavy-Duty High Wide (HDHW)  undercarriage that increases the digging and lifting performance and surpasses those Excavators with larger engines. The 340D L Hydraulic Excavator features a powerful array of work tools including front linkages, buckets and a comfortable cab.  The 340D  L’s HDHW is 330 mm (11.8 in.) wider than previous Cat Hydraulic Excavators.  Also the 340D L is 270 mm (10.6 in.) higher and 1360 kg (3,000 lb.) heavier.  These enhancements increase stability, lifting power and ground clearance in rocky terrain. 

Moreover the HDHW undercarriage presents many reinforcements in the track roller frames and carbody to produce a measurable durable design, while decreasing travel noise, extending service life and thereby lowering operating costs. We show all these advantages in 1/50 scale custom diecast scale model replica..