Freightliner Evolution in 1/64 Scale ..."Built to Win"

Breaking news:  Is the 1/64 scale Freightliner Evolution, with its drop axle the Tonkin 1/64 Evolution features an updated 53' van trailer.  Freightliner describes their new truck as “The Evolution of Efficiency”.  We describe our new 1/64 scale model as “Built to Win”.  Building on our previous Cascadia scale models, our new Freightliner Evolution displays the state of the art aerodynamics of the working truck.  We captured the same groundbreaking details that include a taller mid-roof design that cuts wind resistance that in turn increase fuel economy.  Yet another example that one of our companies’ strengths is that we strive to provide the best in class of all major OEMs; Tonkin Replicas’ builds the most tested, rugged, current trucks we can.