Santa Delivering Even more holiday cheer.....

Here at Tonkin Replicas we are still at work to make sure that our sweet TON Brand… 1/87 replicas are on the way to our distributors so that all can buy and enjoy them. 

We have Santa with a Freightliner Cascadia with the Transcard Deco.  We have Santa with a Freightliner Cascadia with a Cargill Sunny Fresh deco and last for the super sweet is …

Kenworth T800 in Slate Grey with Lowboy trailer….


Why are we here on Christmas Eve you might wonder?

Well because  We Are Santa's Elves: (Well ok Burl Ives is really singing this but hey the lyrics apply here too J)….

Ho ho ho. 
Ho ho ho. 
We are Santa's elves. 

We are Santa's elves, 
Filling Santa's shelves With a toy 
For each girl and boy. 

Oh, we are Santa's elves. 
We work hard all day, 
But our work is play. 
Dolls we try out, 
See if they cry out. 

We are Santa's elves. 
We've a special job each year. 
We don't like to brag. 
Christmas Eve we always 
Fill Santa's bag. 

Santa knows who's good. 
Do the things you should. 
And we bet you, 
He won't forget you. 

We are Santa's elves. 
Ho ho ho. Ho ho ho. 
We are Santa's elves. 

I wanted to post the clip of Burl Ives singing this delightful holiday classic -- but the good folks who originally posted it want you to go their website  to hear it so ...

I found this wonderful bit of Christmas Cheer at :