Skagit Valley Transportation: From Food, Agricultural Products to Bio-Solids


Bud and Dode Egbers’s decision to haul gain and hay, in 1947, led to Skagit Valley Trucking. The Egbers found themselves hauling grain and hay on their four (4) trailers at the urging of other local farmers.  From day one then Skagit Valley Trucking’s core Mission has always been to “be the premier provider in the Pacific NW of transportation services, information, and technology for our customers, partners and employees.”

From hauling green peas grown locally on flatbed trucks, to transporting dehydrated grass to plants in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, Skagit Valley Trucking earned a name for themselves in the seasonal transportation industry and a reputation for excellence. Throughout the 1950’s Skagit Valley Trucking continued to grow; hauling strawberries in Whatcom County and corn in eastern Washington.

No longer small enough to operate out of their farm, Skagit Valley Trucking began building their Mount Vernon, Washington terminal with the help of the local community. National recognition began with contracts to major companies during the 1960’s.  Skagit Valley Trucking’s reputation for excellence and performance is seen in the way the Company fulfills these major accounts.  All hauling contracts, National and Local are treated with same standard of excellence.  

Success in winning and performing well on a variety of hauls encouraged Skagit Valley Trucking to expand into new areas. Company diversification into growth industries such as hauling corn syrup, concentrated juices, vinegar, and various wines came by adding a tanker division.  Due to this diversification, Skagit Valley Trucking became Skagit Transportation. In 2006 Skagit Transportation purchased a company called Great Western Soil Conditioners. Acquiring this bio solid treatment company allowed Skagit Transportation to expand their base of operations and so decrease the company’s decency on the seasonal quality of farm operations. 

Now the partners continue the firms’ commitment to both local and national clients by operating over 90 tractors using over 200 trailers to haul food, agricultural products and bio solids.  The company is always looking for new opportunities that meet their goals and objectives, to insure the strength of the company for years to come. And takes pride in the heritage, principles of community dedication and employee welfare as they have since 1947.


Source of article : http://www.skagittrans.com/

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