Tonkin Replicas’ Tribute to Bill Eichhorn : Scale Model Enthusiast at International Navistar


Tonkin Replicas wants to pay a tribute to Bill Eichhorn; a scale model enthusiast at International Navistar. Bill was instrumental in shepherding Tonkin Replicas’ successful die-cast truck projects at Navistar. He made sure our replicas were accurate, and saw to that they were used at the company.  He was not paid extra for this job; he did that because he loved die-cast trucks.  His legacy will carry on in several of the die-cast models that are used today by International Navistar even though his influence extended beyond that.

As many folks know, Bill passed away today. International Navistar Representatives do not have any information yet; Tonkin Replicas joins with many fellow co-workers and die-cast lovers by echoing their thought that Bill will be greatly missed by many.