Transport Jacques Auger, Inc.: Serving Four Corners of Quebec and Ontario


Jacques Auger at the age of 19, decided to use his affinity for all things mechanically driven to follow in family footsteps and buy his first truck.  Jacques began transporting asphalt and gravel. In 1968, this industrious enterprise leads him to establish Jacques Auger, Inc. of Laurier Station, Quebec. 

Jacques Auger Inc. was awarded a yearlong contract  to provide hauling services for the Canadian Oil Refiner Company –Ultramar; and this contract lead to contracts with Ciment (modern cement factory in Quebec) and TransportSaguelac (a private trucking and hauling company in Saguelac, Quebec).Transport  Jacques Auger Inc. is a leading company in the transportation of petroleum products for Quebec.  Its customers now include some of North America’s largest petroleum product companies, such as Shell, Sunoco and Petro- Canada.  

From his first truck to his present role as a leader in Canadian Transportation, Jacque Auger’s mission is to provide his customers with a reliable safe and environmentally responsible service at the lowest possible cost. To meet these objectives, Transport Jacques Auger Inc. has a fleet of over 200 trucks located at four corners of Quebec and Ontario.

Environmental protection is a priority at Transport Jacques Auger Inc.   This company knows that all transportation of petroleum products of any kind involves environmental risks. So everything from driver safety training along with precautions and procedures are taught to all drivers from their initial hiring date. Before hitting the road, each driver has to undergo required formal classroom training. This classroom training is divided into several important sections. After completion each driver must put the new founded knowledge into practice under the supervision of a master driver.

These steps are done to keep incidents from occurring that may be harmful to the environment or public safety. In addition to extensive driver training, Transport Jacques Auger Inc. also has an environmental engineering emergency vehicle equipped with all necessary equipment when needed. As well as their distribution department open 24/7 year around. 


Source used for this article: http://www.tja.ca